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Website Quality Testing

Automatically test and monitor website performance, SEO and accessibility with Lighthouse.

Automated Lighthouse Testing


Get up and running with just a few clicks. Need a solution for your CI or CD pipeline? We offer a variety of ways to integrate Lighthouse audits in your DevOps workflow to ensure the highest quality of your web application in every release!


Automated Website Quality Monitoring

Area Chart

Maintain historical records of Lighthouse tests with automated monitoring. Report to stakeholders with confidence about improvements and stay on top of degradation introduced by code changes when they happen! When you create a premium account, login to view charts reflecting automated Lighthouse runs.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Lighthouse Automation in Any DevOps Flavor

Easy implementation with friends you know and love. Whether you're on Jenkins, Travis, CircleCI, Drone or another workflow flavor - adding a Lighthouse check step couldn't be more simple. Learn more from our docs.

GitHub Octocat


Utilize the Lighthouse Check GitHub Action for running Lighthouse audits automatically in a workflow with a rich set of extra features. Simple implementation or advanced customization including Slack notifications, AWS S3 HTML report uploads, PR comments and more!



Integrating with Jenkins is as simple as adding a few lines in your config. Foo provides a public API to trigger Lighthouse audits on every change! Embelish your CI/CD pipeline with website quality checks to stay on top of SEO, performance, best practice, and PWA.



Check out the CircleCI Lighthouse Check Orb for running Lighthouse audits automatically in your CircleCI workflow. Simply add a few lines to your config, and keep your website performance, SEO, best practice and PWA in check with every change!

Slack Notifications

Stay Informed of Quality Changes in Real Time


Connect a Slack channel to any URL being monitored. Set a threshold of points above or below average to trigger Slack notifications per URL. If any audit falls below the threshold against the average you'll be informed. This is especially handy for premium accounts which have automatic monitoring.